How can we help you sell your real estate?


Compiling the sales material

We build a thorough collection of drawings, facts, history and utilities costs about your property. Based on that, we compile the sales material, which the client can use to get a good overview of everything in his/her interests.

Finding the right price

Relying on years of experience, we offer assistance to the seller in finding the right sale price that takes into account the market situation and the seller’s expectations of time-frame and value.

Professional photos

To best highlight the advantages of your property, we employ a professional photographer. The images will be used on internet ads, in newspaper ads and on sales materials.

Proactive sales

Prospective regular clients

We have many clients that have purchased real estate through us a number of times and we know what kinds of properties they are interested in. Therefore, information reaches the right people quickly.

Advertising online

Our advertisements, accompanied by professional photos and precise in-depth information, appear on all major real estate portals and on the LVM Real Estate website, which is frequented by hundreds of prospective clients every day.

Collaboration with banks

We work in close collaboration with all Estonian commercial banks and can therefore offer valuable advice on how to get loans quickly and on generous terms.

Visiting days

We regularly hold visiting days for apartments and houses on sale, where interested clients can get a thorough overview of the property in a pleasant atmosphere and with minimal time costs for the owner.

Concluding a transaction

Consulting and signing the contract

When a buyer is found, the agents also offer assistance on drawing out the sales contract and making an appointment at the notary as quickly as possible.

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