Sale on approval

Sale on approval is a new service at LVM Real Estate, which exclusively and discreetly matches the property owner who wants to know the real market price of their real estate with the buyer, who is interested in that specific real estate.


LVM Sale on approval service is suitable for you if:

• you want to know the real market price and the interest to buy for your property;

• you only wish to sell your property after finding the right offer;

• you wish to ease into the sales process;

• you wish to remain anonymous in the sales process;

• you are prepared to consider selling your real estate.

How and to whom is your real estate offered?

In addition to direct offers in the database, the offers of sale on approval can be found on the LVM website under the ‘available soon’ section and in major newspapers.

The details of the offer are accessible to the buyer only through the intermediation of our agents.

If you want more information about the LVM sales on approval system, then contact one of our agents.



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